Saturday, December 27, 2008

Julia and Realize

I was trying to find a song at iTunes and was listening to some other stuff when Colbie came on and Ju began to sing. Being the camera nut mom I am, I had the camera RIGHT next to me and shot this little video! Enjoy!

Is it really spring already?

Hey Tim...(and everyone else!), Remember those pictures I posted on Christmas Eve of all the snow and stuff? Welllll...after 12 or so hours of warm winds, rain and tons of FOG....this is what we have today. A mud mess! YUCK! I love spring, I mean, the REAL SPRING. The one that shows up in April or late March. The one where all the new life of greens growing is real. Not this late December crappola where all the pretty white snow has melted into this fog soup. Anyways...just thought you'd all like to see what it's like in Ludington today. :-) (Sorry for any dog poo that may have shown itself...Damn dogs don't scoop after they go!)