Sunday, January 11, 2009

Random Status Messages is Back! other blog is back. Well, at least I posted to it. I need my vent for things that aren't so PC and family like. LOL! Muuuhahahaha!!! Here's the link:

Facebook and Me

So...not sure how I really ended up with a Facebook page, but I did. I *had* a MySpace page, but took it down to due to an issue with an ex-boyfriend (which I fully disclosed to Wayne!). So, now I've got this wacky little page on Facebook. I have 86 friends. All of which I know personally...well, minus one..she's a friend of friend I haven't met but still cool none the less. Anyways...most of the people are from high school, family, or our adoption groups. I do have a few from church. I have it admit, it's pretty interesting. Like last night, a guy that I crushed on in high school sent me a message and we chatted for a while about our families, old friends and life. I had no idea where he even lived! Well, I take that back, I do run into his parents every once in a while, but...I love catching up with people. Since Pentwater/PHS is such a small community and school, you're with the same 30 or so people from Kindergarten thru graduation. It's not like we're all best buddies, but friendly. Makes the world seem a lot smaller.

Oh and Rob...I did dig out the yearbooks this morning. :-) At what point did I think that freshmen guys were cool?? Haha!