Wednesday, May 2, 2007

*Warning* Contains content that may be frustrating to some readers!

As you can tell, I’m a bit cynical today. LOL! Sorry!

Anyways, I had to pass along my good news. I was selected to present at the “Focus on Hearing” conference that is being put on by the Hearing Loss Association of North Carolina. I submitted a proposal and it got accepted! YAY! Here’s the link to the website: I’m really excited about this.

I got a really nice email from a woman named Joan who told me that I had been selected. I had to write this really formal proposal and it’s a bit nerve wracking trying to figure out how to make my family story seem interesting. Apparently, I did an ok job! The conference isn’t till September so I have a little time to work on my PowerPoint.

I’ll have to look at the presentation that I put together for the 2004 National EHDI conference and see if I can add to it or if I just need to start over. Plus, if we want Anna to present next year at the EHDI I might want to make this PowerPoint similar to what we’ll need for that.

Sooo….Sorry to toot my own horn, but I’m really thrilled to be selected for this. Hearing the parent perspective is so important and I’m glad that Joan thinks that my family story would make nice addition to their conference.

(Does this fall under the category of using my children's special needs to promote myself or point out their differences? I'm still waiting to hear from the person who posted the nice comment a few days ago...No such luck so far!)

Many hugs!

Melissa (The self promoting monster...Muuahahahaaa...)

P.S.--I love being sarcastic if you hadn't noticed. :-)