Wednesday, January 18, 2006 wanted me to update this?

I told myself that I would update more, and well, I haven’t. I do have some decent reasons though...

Cam and Anna have had bouts of the flu and major upset bellies. Tons of Pepto have been consumed here lately. I can’t figure out why they have been so sick, guess it’s just that time of year. So...As you can tell, we really haven’t been that busy. We took Julia to Hunan Gardens for the first time. She wasn’t as thrilled with the food as I thought she might be. Maybe she wasn’t really hungry. I dunno...but I do know that the girls that work there are not Chinese. None of them tried to speak to her in Mandarin. That leads me to believe that they are Vietnamese. I could be totally wrong, but if I had to guess...that’s what I would say.

All the kids have had a great time getting to know Julia. What she likes and doesn’t like. She loves the Sit-n-Spin. Her and Anna get on there and just have a blast. They love to play together as long as they don’t play with each others toys. Cam is cool with the girls as long as they let him use the TV to play his Playstation. :-)

Speaking of Cam...Wayne and I had gotten him tickets to go to a Pistons game for Christmas. So this past weekend, we all trucked down to Detroit. Wayne, Cam and Aunt Samantha went to the game while the girls and I stayed at the hotel and watched the game on TV. The Pistons beat the Charlotte Bobcats, 110-91. My sister Samantha loves Jake Voskuhl, he plays for the Bobcats. Well...he wasn’t there. He’s out with a sprained ankle. Bummer! Cam on the other hand just loved the game, so it was well worth the trip.

Yesterday we got a ton of freezing rain that switched over to snow. As you can see by the pictures, we got dumped on. Well, ok, not dumped on, but at least 4 inches. Enough to get the snowmobiles out and the sleds too. Wayne took the kids for rides around the yard. Steve and Alyssa came over and played with the kids. Julia loved, loved,LOVED the snow. I couldn’t believe it. She really is a Wagner kid through and through. After seeing her jump on the snowmobile you’d have thought she’s lived in Michigan her whole life. She even got plowed over by the sleds and tube last night. No tears, just laughed and laughed. :-)

Tomorrow night Wayne and I are heading to G.R. to talk about our adoption. We were chosen as the "China" family for the waiting family meeting. I’m excited. Should be fun...and I’m thinking of dressing Julia in her Chinese dress...I dunno though...we’ll see.

I’m quitting for fingers are killing me. Take care!

I still can't get over how cute she is! Posted by Picasa

Here is a better one of Alyssa and Julia Posted by Picasa

The Wagner train is leaving the can see all 3 sleds on the back of the snowmobile. Posted by Picasa

Neighbor kids came over and rode the sled with our kids. Here is Stephen in the back with Cam, Alyssa is holding Julia. Anna is in a tube behind the boys. Julia was just having a blast during this ride. Posted by Picasa

Anna and Cam lovin the sled ride Posted by Picasa

Daddy has got another snow lovin' kid! She loved riding the snowmobile and sleds Posted by Picasa

Sherman loves the snow too! He was a riot to watch last night. Posted by Picasa

Our winter-loving bunch! Posted by Picasa

Another close up Posted by Picasa

Julia taking her first ride on the snowmobile  Posted by Picasa

Up close picture of the bush near the house Posted by Picasa

The corn field accross the road from us (to the north) Posted by Picasa

These are the trees in our south yard, they have a ton of ice and snow on them Posted by Picasa

The apple trees to our south Posted by Picasa

A view from our garage door...looking towards the east and you can see all our snow Posted by Picasa

The Wagner kids...Cameron, Julia and Anna Posted by Picasa

Julia playing with her favorite toy...the sit-n-spin Posted by Picasa

Our favorite Ge Ge (Goo-Goo), Cameron! Posted by Picasa

Julia having a MAJOR bad hair day Posted by Picasa

Julia in the kitchen Posted by Picasa

Here is Rip Hamilton warming up  Posted by Picasa

Julia has Anna's shoes on and a baby doll shirt on her head Posted by Picasa

Sister Anna not feeling very good Posted by Picasa

Our Chinese goofball Posted by Picasa

Rasheed Wallace shooting a free-throw Posted by Picasa