Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Motormouth as sung by Julia

Julia loves listening to Anna's iPod or CD player and today she was listening to Naked Brother's Band. I love hearing her sing, so I started to take video of it. I wish we could find headphones/ear buds that would fit her. With only having one ear, it makes using these difficult. :-( She still has a great time anyways! Enjoy!

New Year's Eve and Julia's puzzle

Here are a few recent pictures. The first 2 are of our New Year's Eve dinner at Scotty's. We took the kids out for dinner. Cam ordered something other than chicken strips for the first time!! He ended up getting perch and really like it. YAY! Anna got a steak and Julia ended up with the famous french onion soup. They've asked to go to Scotty's again and well, it wouldn't be so bad but it's one of the most expensive places to eat in Ludington! The other pictures are Julia. She was working on her puzzle in the kitchen and fell asleep. Her head is on the puzzle box! It was really cute!