Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Julia reminding us that she's still a V for Victory girl! Posted by Picasa
Cameron having a good time after a good clean shower! Posted by Picasa
Anna having a night-night snack in the new camper Posted by Picasa
This is what a nice and clean Julia looks like! Posted by Picasa
Another s'mores pose Posted by Picasa
Momma and Julia makin' s'mores for the 1st time! Posted by Picasa
Aunt Shell, Julia and Anna around the campfire Posted by Picasa
Anna took this picture of me Posted by Picasa
Anna eating s'mores Posted by Picasa
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May 2006 in review

Boy! Does time fly when you are busy! The month of May included busy weekends filled with soccer, trying to get our yard cleaned up, spending time with our families and lastly, packing up our new camper.

Anna and Cameron have loved being in their soccer leagues. Anna is less enthusiastic about the whole thing, but she enjoys seeing her friends and cousins play. Cameron on the other hand is a wild man. The whole week before a game plans his strategies for plays. He loves playing goalie (makes me nervous). So for the Green Leprechaun Kickers are now 7-0. They went 5-0 in regular season and now in tournaments they are 2-0. One more game before the finals. They play Thursday night and I will post as soon as we know the outcome.

The kids have also finished school. We are now celebrating 14 weeks of pure family fun! (Please note my sarcasm!) I’m kidding....really. It should be a good summer. Anna will be moving into 1st grade and will have Mrs. Smith. Same Mrs. Smith that Cameron had (yay!). Cameron is going into 3rd grade and I’m hoping for Mrs. Dahringer. I’ve heard some great things about her. I was kind of thinking about preschool for Julia, but...there are a ton of options in Ludington. It’s either Fivecap or LAC (private Catholic preschool). So for now I think I will just keep her home. We are going to do a summer program with the ISD. I wish I could get her into ECDD like Anna was, however...she really doesn’t qualify. I mean, if I pushed, I know they would let her but I’m not sure the class would really fit her.

We also had our 6 month post-placement visit with our social worker for Julia. Can you believe that we have nearly been home 6 months? It seems as though she has been here forever. She continues to amaze us. We had a developmental assessment done by Kathy F. from Early On. Julia did excellent on everything except the language. Which didn’t surprise us. English is her 2nd language, so...Julia placed 36 months+ on fine, gross motor skills, emotions and feeling states, relationships to persons.

As most of you know Wayne’s family has a tradition of camping Memorial Weekend in Benzonia. We left last Thursday, the 25th and didn’t come home until the 29th. We all loved staying in the new camper. It was great to have the quad bunks! Although Anna fell out of her bunk and ended up sleeping with Wayne and I most of the time. My sister Samantha was happy with her new sleeping spot on the couch. Having air conditioning was WONDERFUL, seeing how the temps reached into the high 80's.

Well, I need to get some laundry going. I hope you enjoyed the update. I will post some new pictures later today. Not sure where the camera is at the moment. :-)