Monday, March 13, 2006

Julia and her Audiologist

Julia had her first visit with Dr. Brenda today. She checked Julia for fluid in her good ear, that was all clear! YAY! She also completed an OAE. That came back as normal too. I'm not going into details tonight about those tests. They are very easy and painless for Julia and she did awesome. She never moved or flinched. It went great. Julia's next appointment will be next Tuesday at 10:00am to see Dr. Mendians, her ENT. That will also be a very routine visit. He will refer us to another hospital (I hope) for Julia's MRI. We need to know whether she has hearing in her microtic ear. I personally think she does, but...we won't know till then.

So...Cousin Kate, if there's anything else you can think of that we need to know before Julia's next appointment, let us know! I can't find your email address so I hope you read this soon! Take care and I hope school isn't kickin' your butt too bad. ;-)

Love you all!

Oh yeah, enjoy the latest group of pictures. Anna's party at the Fury hockey game as well as some of Julia eating a cupcake.