Thursday, April 3, 2008

A small look into my housekeeping skills

Yeah, so I suck at keeping a clean house. I fail miserably. For having a mother and grandmother who are cleaners, I surely missed out on that gene. I truly believe that some folks are just neat-niks. Wayne used to be, but I've brought him to the dark side along with the kids. I remember one time going to a friend's house and just being amazing at how FILTHY her house was. Not just messy toys, not just a sink full of the day's dishes, but down right feet-sticking-to-the-floor, kids-with-3-day-old-Kool Aid-moustaches, makes-you-wonder-if-something-died kinda mess. Ok, so I've never gotten there...but I have a better understanding of how you get here. LOL!

Like the 2 bowls that I used to make pancake batter in...NOTE TO SELF: Wash and or rinse those IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, you have an ooey/gooey substance that could pass for plaster. Also, the bowls used to eat GRANOLA cereal needs to be RINSED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Talk about something that I could use to break a window with. Is it any wonder that I hate doing dishes?