Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yeah, I been BUSY


Yeah. It's been a busy spring. Here are pictures from the past month...visits to Sleeping Bear Dunes, Memorial Weekend camping in Benzie, Spring Soccer, Summer Baseball/T-ball/Softball, and lots of goofing off in between.

Sorry that I closed the blog for a bit but...was having some weird hits and need to divert that negative attention for awhile. All is good, so we should be back to normal. :-)

Enjoy the pics!
Ju at the game tonight
Me and Anna being pretty in pink
More of me and Ju being goofy before the game.....
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Cam and can kinda see my new hair... hair with a clippie
Red raspberries...Not from Costa Rica
Me and Ju tonight being goofy!
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Anna with friends at the game
Before the game
Anna missin a catch....
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Ju showing off her FUR
Me and Anna freezing at Cam's game in Custer
Anna and Ju all ready for the rain that didn't come
Ju's picture of me that SHE INSISTED I post...
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Our soccer team
Me and Ju
Me and the girls
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Jessica and Ju
The T-shaped catapillers
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Me and my ball playin' girls!
They are soooo cute!
Cam ready at 3rd
Swingin for the fences
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Anna getting her pins...
Anna soon to be a Junior Girl Scout
My healed tattoo
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Jo and Ju singing the "Hi my name is Joe song...
More girls
Me and Treep doing another sister pic
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Me and Treep at the Drive In in Honor
The girls
The Boys
Me be a goob
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I love this picture of Julia
Wayne and camper
The sister pic....LOVE IT!
Ju and me
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