Monday, February 25, 2008

EHDI 2008/New far

First let me say that Im super bummed that I didn't remember to bring the adapter for my camera for pictures. Everyone will have to wait till I get home to see Orleans Orleans. Sin City. The Big Easy.

My flights from Grand Rapids and Memphis went off a hitch. Things were good, no issues. YAY! I met some nice people on the plane. Arrived in New Orleans around 11:00 am. Got to the hotel and there were no rooms ready. Eh...bummer. So I bunked my stuff with a nice conference lady and met Janet and Stephanie for lunch. Well, lunch wasn't really lunch. We went to Cafe DuMonde and had coffee and beignets. Another YAY! I was excited. The walk was great. Bourbon Street my style at all. I'm not into nude dancers, bars or junk stores selling every kind of cheesy t-shirt and beads you could imagine. I'm failing to see the draw to the area.

The conference has been exceptional. As usual. I love hearing all the presenters and meeting new people. Especially other parents. Tomorrow will be another great day. I'll write more tomorrow or later tonight, I need a nap. ;-)