Friday, March 27, 2009

Florida: The drive and Day 1...the arrival

The Ville it!
More Louisville

Go Cards!

More L'ville

Cool bridge...

Me driving...

Mountains of TN
More mountains...

Ju as the princess she is!

Anna...and her turn at the booth!

Near Rock City, TN

More near Rock City, TN

Crossing over the bridge in Jacksonville...
The Welcome Center once you cross into Florida

Cam didn't want his picture taken
Me as a princes...har har...hardy har har... LOL!

Wayne and Cam at dinner tonight at Barnacles

Ju, Aunt Cheryl, and Anna at dinner as well

Ju being a goof in the car

Wayne's goofy face

A self portrait of me... ;-) the drive down went well. The kids did very good. No major fights (except for the one that Wayne and I had over tampons this morning. LOL! Long story.....) Anywho...we survived, and I'm way tired. I will write and post more tomorrow, but I wanted to get the pictures done tonight. Thanks for all the wishes for safe driving! Love you guys!
Oh...and Ive got to find another way to load pictures...blogger sucks. All of them are out of order and it erased a few. Bastards.