Monday, November 24, 2008


If I hear of one more bailout, I'm gonna SCREAM!

Ok done.

If I let it, it will swallow me whole

As most parents this time of year, Wayne and I getting serious about Christmas shopping plans. We take a weekend and head to Grand Rapids for a few nights. My aunt Pam takes the kids during the day while Wayne and I run ourselves ragged looking for just the right PollyPocketiPodWiigottahaveitgadgetbecauseifIdon'tIwon'tbecoolwhenIgobacktoschool. I will totally admit, I love to shop. I love finding the right thing for each kid. This year, it's pulling me down. Budgets are tighter, but that's not really it...

It's knowing that there are over 1 million children in China alone who don't get a Christmas morning. It's knowing that we have soooooo much, that our kids get enough gifts to supply a small orphanage that doesn't have what it needs to care for the children. It's not even's looking into face of kids who don't know the love of a family. It's something most people push away, they choose not to think about that. I include myself in that statement too. I get wrapped up in getting what I want. Not giving, but getting. Go to the and check out the older children who need families, tell me they aren't deserving. On the bright side, there is one little guy who has at least 10 families that are interested in him. :-) But still many wait and wait.....

So for my friends that pray, say a little prayer for those kiddos that who don't know what the holidays are all about, that they too will come to know the love a family and a sense of belonging.