Monday, March 23, 2009

Vacation...All I ever wanted...Vacation....Had to get away

Can't you hear the Go-Go's singing? I can! I loved that song. :D Anywho...we are leaving on Thursday for Daytona Beach! Yep, get ready Florida, the Wagner's are coming!! Woohoo! I was trying to remember how many time I've been to down's what I can remember.
1978/1979 (My mom and Aunt took me over New Year's)
1992 (All the above trips were with my grandparents...and I loved every minute of it!!)
1999 (My sister Theresa and I went with Cameron...)
2000 (Christmas with the entire Askins family)
2003 (Our first family trip alone down there)
2004 (Wayne and I aren't sure if we went this year....) LOL!
2005 (Last trip...and before we got Julia...)
2009 (In 4 days!!)

Am I spoiled? I dunno. I have family in Florida, so that's the real reason we go. I can't WAIT to see my aunt Cheryl. My kids love her, love my uncle Wendell. Wayne likes going somewhere warm where we can swing our golf clubs. :)

Anyways, we are renting a house that has Internet, so I will be posting daily pictures to this blog and to the ladybugs blog! Stay tuned!!


Dawn said...

Yeah!!!! I'm so excited for you, and you BETTER be posting photos everyday, I'm living vicariously through you so I plan on enjoying my, I mean your vacation! LOL

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I love the Go-Gos AND vacations!! Have a wonderful trip friend! Kevin is flying there tomorrow.

Kate & Anthony said...

Have a great trip! Can you bring back some sunshine and warmth with you, please?!

Jess and Tim said...

Have a blast Wagner family! We will hold down the fort in cold ol' MI while your gone!