Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 years ago...about this week...

We saw Julia's picture for the first time. We saw this tiny, bald headed baby girl who had mishapped ear. I'm sure you've heard of people speak of "love at first sight"...well, that's exactly what it was. There was something in those dark brown eyes that caught me and whispered, "Are you my mommy?". The picture of above is the exact picture Wayne and I saw for the first time. As we get closer to the date that we got her info, I will post the other photos we have of her. But, this is our Love at First Sight.

I find it interesting that now, two years later, there isn't a picture of a little child who doesn't speak to me. They are all asking the same question. "Are you my mommy?" From what knowledge I have gained in the past two years; being around other adoptive families, most of us moms feel that way. We all have the desire to parent, love, nurture and care for a child who doesn't have a family to call their own.

I'm still amazed at how this has all played out. God is incredible and I am in constant awe of His ability to change lives.

From China comes a tiny plea
Won’t someone come and rescue me
I long to see a mother’s face
To feel warmth of her embrace
My heart is longing for a home
For a father I can call my own
As I wait …I whisper a silent prayer
God, please can’t you find them
I know they’re out there…

Author Unknown


Aunt Cheryl said...

Its been two years??? And look at the picture below of Julia at the hockey game. Hard to imagine that she wasn't always part of our lifes. I for one am very thankful to Melissa and Wayne for finding the strength and courage to take the steps to bring Julia HOME. Love you lots - and hey a new set up huh!

mom of 3 so far said...

What a sweet picture, I don't think I could have resisted that sweet face either!!!

It sure is amazing how God puts us in the right place at the right time to find the child that He has planned for our families?!!!I for one can't wait to see what He has planned for your family and for mine in the years to come!!!