Friday, March 2, 2007

Giving Up

As much as I hate to type this, we have decided that WACAP is not the agency for us. The have some very unethical business practices and we can no longer go through the heartache. They have a family that applied for YP after we did and because that family will get their paperwork in before us, they will "win" the race and be able to adopt him. We cant't work with an agency who doesn't see what's wrong with that picture.

We appreciate all the support that our family and friends have given us and we hope that YP finds a loving home, it just won't be with us. So, for now, our adoption journey is on hold as we struggle with what to do next. Only God knows what the plan is and we give everything to him.

Melissa & Wayne
Cameron, Anna and Julia

(This was posted on our Chopsticks for 6 blog as well.)

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Aunt Cheryl said...

Oh Melissa, I feel so sorry for you, Wayne, the kids and little YP. I hope you are all okay.