Monday, April 30, 2007

AAI has a new list...

Just wanted to pass along that AAI (Adoption Associates, Inc. in Jenison, MI) has a new list of waiting children. Of course, there isn't a kiddo on that list that I wouldn't love to bring home. However, for now...we have put our plans to add on hold. A girlfriend of mine jokingly mentioned getting pregnant. I laughed and said, "I'll pass on that. I've got 3 kids and they all arrived in different ways. Cam was a c-section, Anna was a natural birth and Julia was adopted...Adoption was the easiest by far!!" :-)

So, if you're a family that is considering adoption, please go check out AAI. They are a great agency to work with and I would use them again in a heartbeat.


mom of 3 so far said...

you're right what a bunch of cuties, I hate that they have the rule about the child being the youngest by atleast 9 month, that leaves a lot of kids out for us.

So yet another thing we have in common, Adam was natural (no epidural either) Kaitlyn was a c-section and Em via plane. I'm not so sure Adoption was the easiest for me though, I could have used that spinal block on the flight home! LOL

Melissa and Wayne said...

OMG!! Maybe we are cyber twins like me and Melissa B. :-) You could be our long lost triplet. LOL! And I should clarify, Anna was a v-bac and I had drugs with both kids (could have used some with Julia!). In our small town hospital, they don't let you do v-bac's anymore. Dawn, I love how you said that Em arrived by plane. I'm going to steal that. ;-)