Thursday, May 31, 2007

Something simple

Ever had something that you needed to say, and didn’t or show someone how much you love them and didn’t? I’ve been avoiding writing this post for some time now and finally, I think now is the time.

A close friend and relative passed away Sunday morning. Mike Patterson (aka Big P) was 37. He had cancer. He left behind an amazing wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Now we are all struggling to figure out why things like this happen.

I know, you’re thinking…another sappy lecture from Melissa. Well, you might be right. But, if I inspire one person to think about what I’ve said, then I’ve done my job.

I’ve watched family members be born and die. The circle of life is never ending and it’s in constant motion. People come into our lives and leave us at times when we may need them most. I’ve lost grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and a very special father-in-law. I know the pain and hurt of death. I know the ache that resonates in my heart day after day each time I think of that special person. We all do. I’ve watched Wayne lose both of his parents. To see the pain in his eyes was almost unbearable. Life isn’t fair when it comes to death.

These past few days I’ve watched many family members struggle with the passing of Mike. We’ve all asked God the same question. WHY? Why Mike, why now, why cancer, why…… As of this morning, we still don’t have an answer, nor do I think we will get one. That’s part of life. Sometimes it’s just plain shitty. But there is a little thing we can do before…..

I love you.

Simple as that. Telling someone that I love you can mean so much. After this week, I have vowed to tell my kids, Wayne, my family and friends how much their love and friendship means to me. Sure we say I love you when we hang up the phone or when we hug someone goodbye, but I want you all to really mean it. Take the time; share your feelings with your family and friends. We never know what God’s plan is for our lives. I don’t want to live thinking, “Man, I should have told that person that I loved them or what they meant to my life.”

So this is my cyber “I love you!” to all my friends and family that read our blog. I love you all and can’t thank you for your support and love. We have been so blessed that I just can’t tell you what your following has meant to us. We are grateful to have friends from around the world check in on our little family and keep up with what we are doing.

None of us are ever really alone, for there is always someone, somewhere wishing they were with us again.

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michelle soneral said...

We love you guys too!
Eric & Michelle