Thursday, June 21, 2007

Building Forts

So on the days when the kids have t-ball or baseball game I like to keep them inside and on the low-key side. I don't want them running around and using up all their energy, and then being tired for their games. As most of you know the weather here in MI has been beautiful. Warm, sunny days that are just right for being at Uncle John's pool and my poor kids are stuck in the house. is a different day.

Around noon they decided that today they wanted to build a clubhouse/fort. Ok. So, out comes all the blankets, pillows, flashlights, snacks, books...everything that you need to make a modern day clubhouse in the living room. Cam had asked if he could use my laptop to watch a movie and I had to politely deny that request. :-) As I listened from another room, I hear that they are struggling with keeping the walls of their fort up. I peek in ask if they need help. Cam says, "Mom, you know anything about building clubhouses?" Heh. "Yeah, I do believe it or not!" He smiles. "You ever do this when you were a kid, mom?" "Yep, I loved making little houses." As we tighten down the straps and use another chair to prop the sleeping bags, Cam says, "Wow! Mom, you're a pretty good fort maker. I'm impressed!" Hahaha! I love surprising the kids. They still don't make the connection between what happens when they grow up. Little do they know that some of the things you learn when you're a kid stick with you (like building forts!).

As of now, all three kids are just wearing their underwear sitting under 3 blankets and one sleeping bag, eating chips and drinking water out of sipping cups. K-Rock is jamming classic rock tunes out of Cam's little radio and Anna's little princess castle night light is giving off a pink glow....ahhhh, what it would be like to be a kid again. I only hope that my kids teach their children the art of making clubhouses and forts and can recall fondly of the times they spent together making forts with their siblings.

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Aunt Cheryl said...

Sounds like a fun time! Yes, I too remember making forts inside the house.