Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Snake and Wagner 4th of July Camping (quads and t-ball)

Ok...Here are a few pictures of the past few days. The snake was sunning itself on my FRONT STEPS! EEEEK! Wayne and I wrangled him into a bucket and relocated him to another part of Riverton township. :-) No snakes allowed in my yard.
The other pictures were taken around John and Cindy's house the other day as we were hanging out. The kids love riding quads. Can ya tell???
The last picture is the 4 cousins that were on Anna's t-ball team. JT, Asia, Anna and Nate. :-)


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Fun pics. Hate snakes!!!!!!

mom of 3 so far said...

Oh my gosh Melissa, couldn't you have placed that snake farther down in the pictures and given a warning first....YIKES!! If we found something like that on our porch my DH would be running out the back door with what ever he could carry and NEVER come back. He is a real whimp when it comes to snakes!!! The other photos are great, thanks for sharing!!!