Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh what a night.... (X-Post from Random Status Messages)

Are you ready for a story? Well, I have a small tale to tell….

Wayne and I had just settled in for a nice night of sleeping. Well, I wasn’t going to sleep; I was going to watch Jaws on my laptop but had forgotten my earbuds. So I headed back down the stairs to the kitchen flipped on the over the sink light, realized that Riley needed to be let out one more time and then walked over to the side door. As I turned on the 3 lights I always turn on when it’s dark outside, I opened up the outside door. That’s when it happened. I saw a kid or small adult come FLYING OUT OF OUR CAMPER AND TOOK OFF RUNNING INTO THE ORCHARD. Yep. That’s right; some person was in our camper looking for something. Ok, so you ever have those moments when you think you’ll know how to react? Heh. Well, practice them more. Because all I could do is yell bad things. I must have sounded like a like moron. It may have sounded better to others, but what I heard sounded a lot like the teacher from the Charlie Brown cartoons. LOL! I just kept yelling and yelling. Then I ran inside to tell Wayne that someone had been in the camper. While inside I grabbed Wayne’s cell phone and called 911. Once Wayne was dressed, he came down with Cam’s little hockey stick. Not sure what that was for, but, it was better than me standing there yelling at the dark only wearing pajamas. Wayne walked into the camper and the only thing we noticed that was out of place was that the fridge door was open and so were the pantry doors. Apparently this person was looking for food or booze, because there were plenty of better things to take. I dunno. We don’t really know anything at this point. I was 100% convinced t was this one particular kid, but the police seem to think otherwise. I guess I believe them. But if it’s not that kid, it makes it a WHOLE LOT SCARIER. After the police left, we took to locking the cars, the house and of course the camper.

What the hell man? I live in Riverton Township, aka MIDDLE OF NOWHERESVILLE. Shit like this doesn’t happen here, not to people like us. What if that prick had been in the garage instead? What if I had confronted him there? Would I be here to write this post? Gosh, I really hate to think that. I know what all of my bigger city friends are thinking, DUH! Lock your stuff up, can’t trust no one. Well, Ludington isn’t like that. B&E things happen all the time, but…not out here. If it is, it’s usually people that you know, not strangers. I can’t tell you how creeped out I am by all this. I have doubts on whether I will sleep or not tonight. So, have we learned a lesson? Yeah, my shit is locked up. No more living in a dream world. I think part of me is really pissed off that someone ruined that fantasy world for me and for the kids. OH YEAH! Try keeping the kids calm and worry free. Cam is a worry wart, Anna has a million questions and Julia just repeats everything that is said, including my use of a few f-bombs. LOL! Ok, not funny, but it lightened the situation a bit for me.

Well, I’ll update you if I find out anymore. I really should try to sleep. Sweet dreams to the prick that was in our camper, I hope my shrieking voice haunts your nightmares for days to come.


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

OH, Melissa
I love the humor that you've interjected into a really scary situation. Glad you are all okay. DId you get any sleep last night????

Aunt Cheryl said...

Hi Melissa,

Yikes! Thankfully nothing bad happened. I have to agree with you that it was probable a kid looking for food/drinks. While reading this I imagined you screaming in that high pitch sound you get when your upset:-). Glad your okay and now you know why I lock up everything! Wierdo's live all over the world.

Melissa and Wayne said...


In all honesty, I haven't slept well for the past 2 nights. I just have thoughts of the person coming back and doing harm to Wayne, me or the kids, ya know? Part of me wants to beat the crap outta the person, and the other part wants me to have a conversation about what's right and wrong and more along the whole WWJD thing.

I doubt I will sleep tonight neither. I just lay awake listening to every little sound. At least I can take my laptop to bed and watch movies or be online. LOL!