Thursday, September 13, 2007

A few interesting pictures...ready?

These are some pictures that I recently took. The sun was setting on the clouds in the sky were just perfect. I love these pictures. This was shot from my north yard looking NE into Schade's corn field. The last 3 pictures were taken today in North Carolina. The road I was on was this little winding road that reminded me of S. Lakeshore drive (aka Bass Lake 500). The next photo is of my *new* tattoo. I found a girl from Manistee living in Raleigh and I knew she was the one for me. Lacie is amazing and I had so much fun! I would totally recommend her and the shop. The next pic is of a fountain in a little area where I had dinner tonight. Food was great! Anyways, tomorrow is my conference and I hopefully will have more pictures from that. :-) Here's the link to Lacie's shop:


Aunt Cheryl said...

Does the tatoo have Julia's name in Chinese? Where is it at on your body (lower leg?). Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. How did your presentation go? Okay, enough guestions. Thanks for the update.

Melissa and Wayne said...

Yes, it has Julia complete Chinese name (Lu Yin Gui--Lu is a cool symbol so I wanted to include it!) and yes, my newest addition is on my lower leg, above my ankle. :-) My presentation went really well! There were about 300 people in attendance to the conference and I had about 15. Pretty good numbers in my book!!!