Monday, October 8, 2007

Quick school update and my school memories

So the kids are back into the full swing of school. Cam is in the 4th grade, Anna is in 2nd and Julia is in preschool. When did I get so old? I remember 4th grade. I had Mr. Sisson as a teacher and it was a blast. We did 2 camping trips, got to sell chocolate and I had a huge crush on Chad Aerts. Wonder if Cam has had a crush on a girl yet. I dunno. Boys are a bit more quiet about that stuff. :-)

Believe it or not, I remember 2nd grade as well. I had a teacher named Mrs. Barrons. I don't remember her being super nice or super mean, just plain. 2nd grade was my first year in Pentwater and I struggled making friends and finding my niche. Anna has talked about a boyfriend, which I politely squashed. I don't think it's appropriate for 2nd graders to be "dating". Hahaha!

Preschool is a wee bit harder to recall. I do remember loving to paint, eat lunch and ride the bus. I'm pretty sure I remember doing a field trip with one of our teachers to Consumer's and riding in her VW Rabbit. She had red hair too. Other than that, it's pretty much a blur. I guess that was 30 years ago, so it's bound to be a little fuzzy. Julia love preschool and has a few friends that she talks about. Gabby and Jordan come up a lot in our conversations.

I sure hope my kids enjoy school as much as I did. I really thought of it as a social thing not so much of a learning thing. Which is a bummer. Oh well. Can't change it, just have to learn from it.

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Aunt Cheryl said...

Not a bad memory for an "old" person (lol). I also remember my 2nd and 4th grade teachers. Some things you just don't forget! Nice to hear the kids are having a good time in school.