Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Pictures

This is Riley wearing the wig that I had got for Anna for Halloween. It was too funny to see here just sit with this wig on.

Here are the infamous 3 sisters again. I had to take a picture of us because we were all wearing sweaters. Samantha never wears sweaters, so this was a major event!

This is me and my cousin Tom. We grew up together doing tons of stuff and we still have a great time hanging out. Sorry ladies...he's married! ;-)

Here is Riley again...I was trying to get her picture and she kept looking away.

Here is where I keep Wayne when he is bad. Muhahahaa!! I joked with the kids about putting them down there and you should have seen the shear fear in their eyes. Yeah, I'm a meanie mom!

Another goofy Mom and Julia picture.

Julia took this of me while we were putting out Christmas lights. I've taken Dan-o-crat's role of Polaris poster child over. It was soooooo cold that night!

Julia outside in the chilly air. She loved it!

Here's Anna in her new snowmobile coat. She has taken to wearing it all the time. She's thrilled that it has an iPod pocket. Sure hope that Santa gets her letter about wanting a new iPod. ;-)

Here are the kids outside with part of the reindeer display. There's a little sleigh that goes with these flying guys, but each kiddo wanted to stand by their reindeer.


Aunt Cheryl said...

#1: You look terrific!!!!! I can't believe the change in you. I love your hair too. You are just more beautiful then ever.
#2: Loved the kids pictures. Looks like you are having a fun time getting ready for the holidays.
#3: Riley Jean is just the best doggie. I don't think the wig does her justice though.
#4: Where can I find one of those holes to put husbands:-)

Dawn said...

Wow girl you are looking GREAT!!!!

thoes dog pictures almost made me spit my soda, way tooooo funny!!