Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Yes....she's cute AND knows it.

This is as close as Cam wanted Anna to be to him that night. ;-)

Samantha and Julia working on puzzles.

Wayne using Poppa's dinosaur dial-up

Me and JuJu Chang (yes, there is a real JuJu Chang, but she's Korean)

Anna and me hanging out, waiting to do presents
Cam and Wayne
Julia and Grandma Darlene
Ok...here's the scoop. This is a bread bowl. A HUGE ONE! My mom bought it for dinner, it's full of Christmas colored rolls. I thought it was pretty cool. Kids liked eating red and green rolls.

Julia took this picture of the salsa. No idea why, other than it was sitting right in front of her.

Here is Poppa, me and Anna.

My superstar Showgirls!!

The girls acting all silly


Cam, Julia and me
Wayne in the U of M Wolverines hat that Cam got. Too funny!

Cam finally wearing the hat
Little brother (aka nephew) and Big sister (aka Aunt)...acting all of their age

Another famous Samantha and Melissa photo...tired of them yet?

Theresa and JuJu!

Another goofy pic
Anna trying to get me to act like a Vegas showgirl!

Julia peeking in on a great photo of Poppa and Tyler
Julia took this one of me after I put her in the her carseat last night.

Christmas morning 2007


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Love the pictures!! Looks like a blessed Christmas!

Aunt Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a really nice Christmas. You'll have to tell Anna that Aunt Cheryl has some PJ's just like her's (well almost).