Friday, December 21, 2007

School Parties

Julia's friend Jordyn. I love the red tights and white shoes. ;-)

Another friend, this one is Jessica...she makes me laugh.

This little girl, is one after my heart. Nothing like starting out the tattoo freaks early on. Woohoo!

Julia's feet...Dawn, want to add this to EmmaLi's collection? LOL!!!

Jordyn again...

Julia opening the present she brought for the class.

Sister...can't ya feel the love? (Shameless plug...The girls are wearing bows from the Amazing Tonni at 4Princessbows go check it out if you'd like some like this!)

Show girls?
Cam and Julia at his party today.
Cam and Alexis
Ok...this is my neato pic of the day...MICE!! They are chocolate covered cherries (the butts) with the stem sticking out for tails and Hershey's kisses for the face with almonds for ears. By far the coolest school treat I've seen in awhile.


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Great pictures!! The mice are a riot!!!!

Aunt Cheryl said...

Love the pictures. The girls (show girls one) are too cute. Also loved the one of Cam and Julia. The "mice" look yummy!!!!

Dawn said...

GREAT photos!!!! (and YES I think we need that foot photo for our collection LOL)What a lot of fun!!!