Saturday, January 26, 2008

Picture this:

Julia and I are driving along to go pick up Cam and Anna up from school. Music is ALWAYS playing in the car. My iPod pretty much plays shuffles all the time, because I like things that are random. Anyways, Tom Petty's song "American Girl" comes on. I downloaded it after watching "Silence of the Lambs" one night. Sooo...Julia and I were singing along and she yells out the chorus:

"Oh yeah, all right

Take it easy baby

Make it last all night

She was an american girl"

I thought I was going to get into a CRASH from laughing so hard. Because you've got to think of a 4y/o singing in her little voice (which is soooo far from Tom's gravelly one!) and the last line she changed to a CHINESE GIRL! The first time through she said American girl, then by the last chorus, it was changed to Chinese girl. I had visions of Mao rolling over in his grave as one of his country women is bopping along in her bright pink corduroy pants, purple winter coat with the new pink headbead from Tonni (yeah, I didn't get to keep that!) singing the most American rock-n-roll song. :-) I figured maybe it was a fluke, so I played the song again. Nope. She yelled out CHINESE GIRL again from the back seat. Nice. We do talk about China lot here, especially since Chinese New Year is around the corner, but...GEEZ! LOL!


Dawn said...

Too funny!!

Aunt Cheryl said...

She is something else!