Monday, February 4, 2008


Julia has taken to sleeping in Cameron and Anna's room (they share the bunk bed). So tonight this is the coversation we had tonight:

Julia: Mom, is today Friday?
Me: Nope, it's Monday.
Julia: Do we have school tomorrow?
Me: Yes!
Julia: Mom, can I sleep with Camnanna
Me: Who?
Julia: Camnanna
Me: You mean Cam AND Anna?
Julia: know what I saying. I want to sleep with Camnanna, in their bed.
Me: We have to wait to the weekend.
Julia: Oh darn!

...then she saulks away...mumbling..."stupid school" :-)


Dawn said...

Sounds like Kaitlyn, when she was 4 we told her she could only sleep in our bed on nights that there wasn't school. She learned her days of the week really quickly that year! LOL

Aunt Cheryl said...

To cute. New family word for us all Camanna:-)