Sunday, February 17, 2008

When I took Anna to cheerleading camp

I drove in the new front entrance for the high school. Imagine my surprise when I was reading the new scrolling sign. Which read something like: "Congratulations to MCC parent Melissa Wagner for winning the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children, Exceptional Parent Award. Thanks Melissa for all your hard work for MCC students!" I was shocked! Ok, so Scottville isn't a huge town, but still cool non the less. :-) Oh yeah, for those of you wondering why I say I live in Ludington...well, we do! Officially, we live in Riverton Township, which is in Ludington. However, it's Mason County Central school district which is in the town of Scottville. Make sense? ;-)

Ohhh...about cheerleading camp. Anna had a little trouble in the beginning. I think it was too loud and she struggled with all the yelling and cheering. But once she made quick friends with the one girl who was leading her group, she did great. The girls that attended the camp get to go to the boys varsity basketball game on Tuesday and perform their cheers. I will have pictures! GO SPARTANS!


Dawn said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

Yeah for you!
Yeah for Anna!
And Yeah for me finally figuring out who from Scottvile is visiting my blog so often LOL!!!!

They do those cheer camps by us too, it always amazes me how they can get all those girls to get a routine down in such a short time frame! Its always fun to watch them perform!!

Aunt Cheryl said...

The recognition of the school marque is totally AWESOME!!! You'll have to take pictures of it for me (please). I heard about Anna going to the cheer-leader canp from guess who:-) Totally forgot about the loud noise and how it would/could affect her. Glad to hear it worked out for her and yes, I'll be waiting for pictures of that too.

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Hey Melissa
I've tagged you!!