Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great illustrations by Gumball Grenade

I've been totally smitten (I love that word, btw) with Etsy again. There are some really great sellers that have caughter my eye. Gumball Grenade has some of the neatest little prints. Ok, I'm not about to write a review of Tanya's work, just wanted to tell all my readers and vistors to go check out her Etsy shop. Yeah, I'm a chump and haven't got anything from her yet, but I'm waiting til we finish re-doing the girls room so they can help me choose what they'd like. Oh! You've got to see the print titled "Your Wish", I'm thinking that is my absolute fave. I love the little guy in the striped pajamas that shows up in lot of the prints.

So, if you guys get a minute....go check out Thanks!

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