Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our next craft show

The girls and I decided that we would like to donate a part of our earnings from our next craft show (which is April 12th at St. Simon's in Ludington) to Love With Boundaries. Since we can't get Wayne on board to adopt again (not that I would have time to coach ANOTHER kid's soccer team!), we thought it would be a great way for us to help those children in China waiting to get adopted or to support those kiddos who may never have that option. I'm glad that LWB doesn't care what the size of the donation is...I'm sure we can't do much, but I want to raise Cam, Anna and Julia with a sense of social awareness.

Julia already talks about "her China" and that she stakes a claim in what happens there. She always wants to talk about China and that "not so nice man" (Chairman Mao). Like I don't know much about him, but she's seen his picture on things around our house. OH JEEZ! Don't think we have giant pictures of Mao around, we don't! I just have an English version of his little red book and there are tons of photos of him in the books that we have. LOL! Ok, so maybe our version of Mao isn't so red, it's more like a light shade of pink. Some day will come soon enough when she wants to know more about Mao, and the China that maybe she wouldn't be so proud of. But for now, as the Olympics approach, we will celebrate the athletes, the country and a place that is close to our family's heart.

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Dawn said...

UMMMM, but I thought it was EmmaLi's China! Thats what she tells me whenever she see's anyone of Asian decent...that girl (or boy) from my China. I'm just glad that they can identify with China still, I hope that never changes!