Friday, April 4, 2008

Photo Overload

Julia and Oliver
Oliver wanting to go outside

OLD lampwork beads that I'd love to make something with...Shame that the museum won't let me have them!

Hana and Cam (Cam wanted a friend to go with him to the musuem, he choose Hana. She's a super sweet girl and we had a great time.)

The earth (looking towards China, of course!)

Asian dolls at the musuem

Stained glass window

Me in front of the ice cream/snack fitting! HAhaha!

Anna, Julia (who was crying), Cam and Hana on the trolly car

The giant map of Michigan...Aunt Pam and Anna checking out the Grand River

The kids outside with the space pod as they called it...
Our piggies...just for Dawn. Mine are looking like they need major work, but Ju's are cute as ever!

These are 2 little cards that I got from a neat seller on I decided to frame them, but they didn't fit the frame I got, so I added the pink striped background and it worked out really well. It will make a great piece for Julia and Anna's room once we're done remodeling it. ;-)

Another great little crocus outside the house today.

My favorite...purple crocus.

Julia and Riley peeking over the door...wanting to get out.

She had a great time with me outside without was only 54 degrees...but man, it felt great!


Dawn said...

Wow looks like you guys are having a great time on your spring break!!! At least the weather is warmer for you guys, if we dared to bare our piggy toes outside right now we'd get frostbite!!! (oh and THANKS for the piggy picture, you know how much I love them!!!)

Melissa Wagner said...

You know...that piggy pic was FOR YOU! ;-) We've had a fun week, next week is all SOCCER. 2 nights of practice. YAY!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I love piggie pics!! My kids wonder why they have to take off shoes and socks for pictures!!

Aunt Cheryl said...

Thanks for the photo updates. I've been going through Wagner children withdrawl. See you soon!