Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's baaacckkk....Fifth Disease

Last summer we had a round of Fifth Disease with all the Wagner cousins. Julia started it. Well, guess who has it again. Yep. Julia. I'll add a picture of her "slapped cheeks" rash that she has on her face. Plus, it's very swollen. She's tired and out of sorts today. I feel so bad for her. There's no medication to take, other than just cold meds for the cold like symptoms. Last night I told her she could get out of the van at Anna's game. She ended up falling asleep in my lap. I'm just hoping the older kids don't come down with it again. :-(


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

poor baby! I didn't know you could have it more than once :(

Dawn said...

Oh NOOO, I thought that was one of those "you only get it once diseases". UGH, I guess not!!

I hope she feels better SOON!!!

Jess said...

Tell Ju we hope she feels better soon! i guess this would not be a good weekend to get the girls together! That's ok we are on round 2 of ballet-We are off June 30-July 6th. Maybe one day that week the kids can come over to play!