Friday, June 13, 2008

Thunder, Lightning and a whole lotta Rain!

Rain...more rain that we know what to do with. I wish I had streaming feed of the photos from around the area. I'm not sure whether or not there was a confirmed tornado, but there is some major damage north of U.S. 10. I know, it's not that big of deal for those of you used to more severe weather or for people like my Aunt Cheryl who is used to hurricanes and wild fires. Ludington/Scottville/Mason County typically is a pretty boring place (weatherly speaking) and not much happens here.


michelle soneral said...

And what really stinks is that you can't drive anywhere to get to where your friends may need help! I can't get to my mom or my brothers because of road closures. Mom's place sounds like a huge mess! She gets to use that camper she loves so much!

Dawn said...

I heard you guys got hit hard. Neisha told me that her friends in Cadillac said there was a tornado touchdown.

Having been where you guys are now just 5 months ago I can tell you that it will take a LONG time for things to get back to normal. The water will go down, the news crews will go away but the mess will last for a long time. The most depressing thing for me was driving around town 3 weeks later and seeing stacks as high as the houses of people's belongings by the curb for the trash. It is just the most heartbreaking sight knowing that it is was everything they had in the world and now its just trash.

Hopefully the rain will quit so people can get in and start recovering.