Friday, September 12, 2008

Halloween Oreos and my BFF

So last night, Dawn and I are emailing back and forth about a kooky friend and we get side tracked into talking about my craving for chocolate frosting. Well, eventually I gave in and had a few spoonfuls. It was heaven. Pure heaven. Better than sex kinda heaven. Not as good as adopting would be heaven, but close. ;-)

Anyways, today...Julia and I busted into the Halloween Oreos. You know, the ones with cool orange colored filling. Slowly, but surely I slipped back into my chocolaty induced happy place. This brings me to my thought about friends.

We all have friends. Friends from church or work, friends that have kids in the same classes as ours, friends from adoption groups...You know, there are about 3-5 of my closest friends that I've never met! Dawn being one of them. We email usually every day, chit chat about anything and everything and you know, I've never got the chance to hug her and tell her that she means a lot to me. She's always there, ready to listen, ready to kick my a$$ when I need it, ready with a shoulder to cry on, ready with a joke to make me laugh...I thank God every day that He brought her into my life and that she likes the chaos enough to stick around. I am truly blessed.
But then there's my idols...Like Shelli in NC that has a pack of kids. How she does it, I will never know. Heck, she's got a hottie hubby to boot. (Did I just type that out loud?) :-) In that same group is Karen. 7 kids. The giant red van, the cutest kids in the whole world, and she gives me hope that I will not lose my sanity with 3 kids or even with 4. I love reading her blog (when I get the chance!) and she also has a saint for a husband. Sharon and Marty are another couple from our adoption group, they have hearts bigger than the state of Texas. Melissa and Larry (whom we did actually meet in China!) are just too cool. Melissa and I are "cyber twins" in so many ways, she was also a giant rock for me during Julia's adoption!

Wayne and I have tons of family members that are close to us, that I can't even mention them all, but I will mention Shelly...she's my Body Shop Queen. :-) Our kids call her Aunt Shelly and her hubby Uncle Eric even though they are really our niece and nephew. They are Ju's Godparents and the kids love hanging out. Especially during camping.
So to wrap this all up, chocolate frosting and Halloween Oreos lead to thinking of my friends. Go figure. LOL!


Dawn said...

AWWWW, I love you too girl, we have GOT to get together!!!!

I haven't seen the Halloween Oreos here yet, I love those too!! Man we really are just alike!!

michelle soneral said...

awww...I just teared up!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

cool! I love oreos!! I hope I'm not the goofy friend! LOL

Sharon said...

Awwwwwwww.....I got tears in my eyes when I read your post. Now pass the Oreos! :)

Love ya!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

How sweet!! Isn't it amazing that we can all be so close and never actually met? God is just good to us like that:) And Oreos of ANY KIND are great. God's good like that too:) Love ya!