Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Momma, I can't write TRUCK

It's been a long day for Ju, Cam has football practice which goes past her bedtime, but she wants to go with me. Ok. She finds a notebook and is drawing and writing letters. Cool. About 10 minutes before practice ends, Julia starts to melt. Here's our convo:

Me: Ju...what's wrong?
Her: Mommmmmma, (sniff, sniff) I can't do it right.
Me: What can't you do?
Her: I can't write truck.
Me: (wondering why she needs to write truck in the first place)
Her: (louder sniff, sniff and tears) I CAN'T DO ITTTTT.
Me: Don't worry, you don't need to know how to right truck yet.
Her: YES I DO.
Me: Ok, Ok...I'll show you. (I write it out, twice) Trace mine, then try it.
Her: (Loud cries and tons of tears...) I ca-ca-ca-CAN'T DO IT.
Me: (At this point, it's hopeless and we're headed for a full on cry out)
Me: Juju, relax. It's ok.

Ok, this is where I hold her til practice is over. We get in the car, and she proceeds to cry for 9 miles. No Barbie movie, no music, nothing...just cries from the back seat. We get in the house, I take her upstairs and put on jammies. We cuddle and she cries more and more, hard sobs. Finally, she says, "I need to write truck." WTF? LOL! Ok. I take out my "good book", my journal, and she tries to write truck. FINALLY. She gets it. Calms down and says, "I'm hungry." No shit kid, I'd be hungry too if I cried like that. Sheesh. And to think it's all over writing a silly word. I sure hope I don't have a perfectionist on my hands!!!!

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Jess & Tim said...

Poor Ju! Tell her that Jay has a hard time writing truck too!

However, I am curious why 'Truck" was so stinkin important!?