Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too cool!

A few weeks back, Liz and I found out about a family who was adopting from Julia and Isaac's orphanage (Xianning City, Hubei--Xian'An SWI) and we asked if they would be willing to take photo albums back to Director Lu for us...well, they said YES and they are in Wuhan as we speak! They are getting their son Caleb today! That means our pictures should be going along with them. Ok, Ok...I am more excited for the family (Hi Kristi and Ian!) but the possibility of Julia and Isaac's foster moms getting the pictures is super exciting for Liz and I. We also snuck our addresses and emails into the letters we had translated, so...we could be even hearing from Julia's foster mom if we get UNBELIEVABLY lucky. (Insert nervous smiley here!)'s a link to Kristi and Ian's blog: Yet another beautiful story of a family made larger by God and adoption!

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Dawn said...

Oh Melissa what a blessing that would be to be able to be in contact with Julia's foster family!! I hope it happens for you guys!!