Tuesday, December 30, 2008

'08...was Oh-So.....

I saw my friend Jess comment about reflecting about 2008. My thoughts about the past year....
(In no particular order!)

1. Cameron decided to play football and did very well, we're so proud of him!
2. Anna loved soccer this year and that was a switch from not liking it at all.
3. I coached (head coached one, and assisted the other) 2 teams this spring soccer season and lived!
4. Cam and Anna both loved their baseball/t-ball seasons.
5. Julia started Kindergarten and wow, where did that time go?
6. Wayne got a promotion and a new title (I love joking about being the Executive Vice President of Operations wife!)
7. My whole family was healthy this year, no major illnesses.
8. We have gained some new friends and strengthened the bonds with some "old" ones too.
9. Wayne and I have greater appreciation of what the other does as far as our roles are parents, spouses, lovers, friends and providers.
10. Cameron and Anna are both doing well in school and seem to like it.
11. We spent a lot of time camping this summer with both our families. Experiences that we hope the the kids will continue with their own families some day.
12. One new friend made it possible for us to get photos back to China and to Julia's orphanage director and foster mom. That is something that I've been grateful for and can't begin to thank her enough.
13. My baby sister met someone very special to her and she's moving on in the next phase of her life. I miss her, the kids miss her but I know that it's good for her to get out and see new things.
14. Our friends the Danielson's are expecting their new kiddo soon...FROM CHINA! Wayne and I have been so blessed to have gotten to be a part of their journey and I can't wait to spoil that little guy (or girl!)
15. It's been 3 years since Julia came home, and well, you'd have never guessed she wasn't here from the start. Each day she brings light, joy and hope to our days. Her laugh and smile are infectious and I don't think I can love her any more than I do.
16. Anna has become quite the young lady and manages many parts of her hearing loss. She is aware of what she needs and how to ask for it. I know that God has a plan for Anna and she's more than willing to take that on!
17. Cameron reminds me a lot of me. He's emotional, caring, giving and loves proving people wrong. Cam is the type of kid that if he's got $5, he's going to blow it on something at iTunes or donating it to a charity. He's generous and he to has shown me this year the depth of his concern for others.
18. Wayne. He's the center of my world. Without him, life wouldn't be what it is. He works hard, gives everything he has to me and the kids and smiles about it. He drives me batty with his sense of humor and random singing, but it keeps me in check. I love him with everything that I have.
19. Well, I was hoping to end at 20...but I may end here. How was 2008 for me? My kids are growing up and needing me less in ways, but needing me still more in others. My role as caregiver, driver, cook, maid and all around slave keep me hopping. No I haven't won any awards for my house keeping, but I did win one for being an Exceptional Parent. Yes, I know that was for my volunteering in everything related to hearing loss, but...it made me think. Being parent has many facets and I will never be perfect, I won't even come close. I do however look at my parents and grandparents and take from them the experiences and knowledge that I am doing something right.
20. My hope for all you that read my blog, my friends, is that 2009 brings us all good luck, good fortune and everything you need to be the best for your families. I love you all!!


Dawn said...

GREAT post!!! I wish I had the time to think about a list like that but I think mine will go something like this....
2008 GOOD RIDDINS........Come on 2009 May you be MUCH BETTER than the ones before you!!! LOL


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

What a great synopsis of the year! You are such a blessing to so many around you! Love you!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Happy New Year, my friend. You're one of my 2008 blessings:) Love ya!!