Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Juju Chang and the Real Juju Chang

Nicknames are a part of being a Wagner. Wayne is also known as Wheat, I'm known (mainly to Wayne) as Melitta or Urissa, Cam will always be Cameroon or CT, Anna has AE or AnnaBananna. So, when Julia came along, I knew that she'd be something else to. Yelling Julia Renee YinGui is a mouth full!! So she got shorten to Ju. Then sometimes I'd yell out Juju. Then it hit. One time I called out Juju Chang! I'm sure that name may ring a bell for some. There is a real woman, named Juju Chang. She's works for ABC. No, she's not Chinese but Korean. Anyways, so funny story...I'm walking thru Walmart with Julia and she starts to wander away and I yell, "Hey Juju Chang, come on back this way". An older lady stops and says, "That child's name isn't really Juju Chang is it?" Ummm...not sure if I wanted to be a smartass or not, I told her no, it really wasn't but a nickname. She gave a crappy look and walked away. Ehhhh, Julia is Chinese, and had a Chinese name which very well could have been Chang. I mean, she was Lu Yin that a prettier name? LOL! I don't know!! Anywho...that's the story of how Julia became the nickname of Chang. :-)


Jess and Tim said...

You should have left the smart reply! I love calling Julia - Juju-it fits! Also, I was so worried one day when I called Anna-Anna-banana! I was worried she wouldn't like getting called that! LOL Too funny!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Too funny!! I didn't know that one of Julia's middle names was Renee. I'm a Renee' and so is Miss Emilee. See- I just knew we were related:)