Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

Let's see...March is a uber busy month. Anna's birthday is Thursday. She will be 11. Jesus. My baby girl will be an old lady. Ok, not really. But wow, where did that time go. We are going out to Logan's Steakhouse for her birthday. That's what she wanted. Better than a sleepover.

Wayne leaves Sunday (the 6th) for New Jersey for the week. EEK! I really do miss him when he's gone. He will get back on Friday, the 11th. A long week of getting up early, making lunches and sleeping with Anna and Julia. :)

Girl Scout cookies arrive March 21st. They day before we leave for Florida. :-\

We leave for Florida on the 21st and will be gone through April 2nd. YES!!! Totally geeked about being gone, enjoying the family and taking the grandparents with us. Yep. Grams and Pops are going to stay with us. The kids are excited and I think they are too. Here's a link to The Flamingo Getaway where we are staying. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and POOL!!! There will be pics from the vacation. Stay tuned.

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