Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ears and more ears!!

Anna's ear with her purple hearing aid! She's the total mod girl with the black and white stripes.

Here's Julia's right ear. This is the microtic ear. This is one she calls cute.

This is Julia's left ear. It's normal besides the little "node" part is a little bigger.


A parent who is going through the same said...

You have these wonderful children...you want them to be treated as equals. So why in heavens name do you insist on pointing out their imperfections as often as possible? I am sure they want to feel "normal" just as much as everyone else. How would you feel if someone always spoke about your disadvantages? It almost seems like you are trying to make yourself seem better because you are able to take care of "disabled" children but it seems like you are using them to bring attention to yourself.

Kate said...

I love Anna's new ear molds! I was telling her at Easter that I just saw 2 little girls at the clinic that had cool ear molds, too. One had glitter in her's and the other's was pink with purple polka dots! What will they think of next?!