Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blowing Horns and Wagn'Coop goes 6-0!!

So, my wonderful sister, Theresa decided to take the kids to the first Muskegon Fury hockey game tonight. Well, Anna couldn't find her giant PURPLE horn. Ugh! Like I know where the damned thing is! Each person has at least 500 things in this house and I need to remember where they are all at, at any given moment!! Well, my Mom Super Powers apparently are running low as I couldn't find the horn (or Cam's shoes for that matter!). So I gave my sis $20 for the kids to spend at the game. I tell Anna, "Don't blow all this on food either!" Anna looks straight at me and replies, "I'm going to blow it on a PURPLE HORN!!!" I thought Theresa and I were going to lose it. I never laughed so hard! Anna has got the best sense of timing.

Oh was the last day for soccer. I'm sad to see it over. I was having a good time!! Anyways, we beat the Willick team today 5-0. YESSSSSSS! Mike and I decided to get the kids trophies for their hard work and going undefeated! Tomorrow we have the banquet for the fall soccer season. Then it's on to spring!! Cam had a great time playing and I was thrilled to see the teamwork that he inspires in the other kids. I wish he could be playing rugby! ;-) (Oh yeah, Springboks won the World Cup today in France, if anyone cares!!)


Aunt Cheryl said...

Did she get a "purple horn"? Love our little Anna banana!

Melissa and Wayne said...

Of course she got a purple horn! She was with Aunt Theresa!!! Needless to say, I've heard enough of that damned thing already this morning. :~)

Theresa said...

You should have been at the game! :)