Sunday, October 28, 2007

A glimpse into the future?

I recently found this picture that Anna had drawn last year in first grade. On the back was a picture of the boy that she liked, so I'm thinking that she had help drawing this one. Here's what I noticed that makes me worried about her! LOL!

1. The Nose Ring (I don't know anyone with one...not sure where she got that idea!)

2. The Belly Button Ring (Again, I don't know anyone with one, but I'm sure she's seen them!)

3. The Rainbow Striped Hair (Eh, I can live with weird hair colors!)

4. The Gold Tooth (What the hell? She's gone GANGSTA on me?!)

5. The Bustier Top (Ok, so that could me something she got from me and my Madonna-loving days)

6. The Super Long Dangle Earrings (Yeah, that's totally Anna already!)

1 comment:

Aunt Cheryl said...

For some reason I just can't picture Anna with a nose ring or belly button ring ...well, who knows. Don't think any of that will happen while she is still Grandma Darlene's girl:-)