Monday, December 10, 2007


This is Oliver! I've been after Wayne for a long time for a new dog (since we had to put Sherman down over a year ago) and finally I got my wish. I won't do a long rant about how fruitless my search had been with because I think it's a wonderful site. It's just the rescues that use it have become a bit overzealous with their requirements for adoption. Like needing 5!! references (which we only needed 3 for our homestudy to adopt Julia from China), a fenced yard (yeah, I understand that one, but we have an acre plus and there's no way we could fence the the damned thing in!), and adoption fees well over $300 dollars. This is for dogs that were STRAYS! I decided that we could just find a puppy/dog that matched our needs without being put under the microscope. :-) Hey, if we can adopt from China...we should get approved for a dog, right? LOL! Well, I found Oliver in Nunica from a great lady named Pat. Yes, she's a breeder. But, she's super sweet and really loves her pups. By no means is she getting rich off it. Just enjoys raising good dogs. Oliver is 11 weeks old and a purebred English Springer Spaniel. He's been wonderful so far. No accidents, just doesn't like the crate so far. :-)


Dawn said...

OH HE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!! I know what you mean about the rescue orginizations!!! One wanted my neighbor to air condition her garage because the dog would be placed in there occationally when they left the house. Yeah right! Maybe you should have just submitted your homestudy and BCIS clearance!! got a much cuter puppy your way!!!!! CONGRATS

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I am so in love with his eyes! I'd love to have a dog, but just can't handle it with all the monkeys running around here! LOL

Melissa said...

So here's the official count:

3 kids
2 dogs
1 reluctant husband momma who loves the craziness called My Life

Kate said...

Awww, he's so cute!