Monday, December 10, 2007

What I did today

Instead of doing something constructive like cleaning or doing laundry...I made 2 necklaces (and about 6 bracelets). I really like both of necklaces...adds another dimention to my jewelry business. My friend Tonni has some of my bracelets listed at her 4Princess site. My new company is called Through being Cool. Eventually, I've got to get my own site, but for now Tonni is helping me out. THANKS TONNI!! I've really got to get some stuff done!


Dawn said...

These are soo pretty! I hope you sell TONS of them!

Melissa said...

Heh! Think I can sell enough for an entire adoption? (As I type this, Julia and Anna are fighting with each other and Cam is eating fishy crackers and spilling the crumbs into the I need another little piece of CHAOS?!?)

Aunt Cheryl said...

Love the braclets and necklaces. A matching necklace for the braclet you made me would be nice (lol).