Saturday, December 29, 2007

My presentation with Janet

Here's the description of the presentation that I will be doing with Janet (my idol!) Can't wait!

"Hey, What About Us?" - Supporting Families of Young Children Who are Hard of

Authors/Presenters: Janet DesGeorges, Melissa Wagner

Room: Grand Ballroom A – 1st Presentation

30 Minutes

For families whose young babies and children are identified as hard of hearing, the support
needed as they journey through the EHDI system often brings with it a myriad of questions and
unique considerations when sorting through information and decision making. Assumptions are
often made about children who fall under the “mild – moderate” range of hearing loss by both
professionals and parents. This session will be presented by two parents of children who are hard of hearing, and will discuss the journey from the standpoint of the emotional reaction to the
“news”…to communication decision making…to transition/school planning from the viewpoint
of the “hard of hearing” experience.

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Aunt Cheryl said...

I would sign up for this presentation. I'm just so excited for you and of course, so VERY proud!