Saturday, December 29, 2007

One of my favorite songs and Anna

Hey all...I've been thinking a lot about my upcoming presentation for New Orleans and I wanted to pass along a little of what I presented when I was in Chapel Hill, NC. The above song is by a group called Nickel Creek. My sister Samantha got me started on them and we've attended at least 3 of their concerts (or is it more, sis?) Anyways, this song I posted is called This Side. It reminds me of Anna. As I was thinking of things to write about for my presentation, I think of how my journey with hearing loss has taken me from being scared to being totally at peace with how life's path has changed. The lyrics talk about it being foreign on this side and to me, that represents how I felt. It didn't seem right, like we were somewhere we had never been and people were talking in a language we didn't understand. There's a line that says, "There's no path to follow once you're here. You climb up the slide and then you slide down the stairs." There is no path for parents that have a child born with a disability. No one way is the right way, but whatever choices you make for your family are the ones that are right for you. (Haha! To all my H&V readers, you know where I got that statement!!) So, anyways...I need to get back to working on my presentation. :-)

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