Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"No mom, your OTHER boyfriend..."

Julia: Mom, where's your boyfriend at?
(I'm sitting on the couch next to Wayne...)
Me: My other boyfriend? (With the most quizzing look on my face)
Julia: Yeah, your boyfriend
Me: Julia, he's right here (pointing to Wayne)
Julia: Noooo, not Daddy...YOUR OTHER BOYFRIEND!!
(I'm now worried at what she's getting at!)
Me: Julia, I don't have a boyfriend
Julia: Yeah, you do...that guy in the picture! (She's referring to my Prom picture!)
Me: Oh!!! That was Jim, he's not my boyfriend anymore. He's married to another lady and they have kids together.
Julia: Oh.
(This is where she walked away and Wayne lifted his eyebrows at me!) LOL!


Faerie Mom said...

Very funny! LOL...

Jess said...

She is too funny!

Megan said...

Too funny!!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Isn't it funny the ideas kids get into their heads?

Aunt Cheryl said...

That is hysterical! Hey, you'll have to tell her to ask Grandma Darlene about her boyfriend "Harry" (lol).

Dawn said...

OH MY!! Out of the mouthes of babes!!!