Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life doesn't make any sense...

1. I have a great hair day today. So, yeah...I did have a meeting with Mik at church. I did have to go to the grocery store, but no one to really appreciate what it means to have a decent hair day. Plus, it's a blizzard outside, so within 3+ minutes of being outside, my hair was back to crap anyways.

2. "Holiday" Oreos. WTF? They are regular Oreos with red creme centers. Red is Christmas color. Holidays don't have a color association...depends on the Holiday. At least with Easter Oreos they call them Spring Oreos and have lilac or yellow centers. But Holidays? I dunno. Just call it what it is...Christmas.

3. I'm beginning to worry about my affinity for The Sopranos. I yelled out "Forgetaboutit" last night.

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