Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blog tag/Award

My bestest friend Dawn over at Hummingbirds Don't Lie gave me a little award (which we're not sure if it's for how a blog looks or what the author writes about...jeez, hope it's for what I write about because right now I have a free layout that ANYONE can have!!) So part of the award is telling 6 things that I am grateful for. Here goes!

1. My family and friends, because without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. Aren't you all excited that you've had an impact on how I turned out? Muuhahaha... But seriously, I am grateful for all the love and support.
2. The Body Shop's Shea body butter...without it, my legs would never see the light of day in the winter. I'm addicted to ANY body butter actually.
3. Wireless Internet. I seriously can't imagine life with dial-up ever again. Besides, it's a scream to be able to sit on the toilet with my laptop and blog. (TMI?)
4. For my friend's Tonni and Dawn creativity...I have 2 of the best dressed girls in Mason County because of them. Sure I can make jewelry, but bows and cute outfits blow me away!!
5. My friend Mik's sense of humor. He always knows how to lift my spirits and make me smile.
6. Last but not least, Wayne. He should have been first, but...I like surprises. :-) Wayne has supported every hair brain idea, every conference, every decision I've made. He knows how important certain causes are to me and encourages me to get involved. Without all his hard work, I'd have not been able to stay home and raise our kids the way I wanted to. Sure, I can crab about him, but in the end. He knows me. He understands my desire change the world, one kiddo at a time...
So, here's where I nominate a few of my bloggy friends for this award! Here's my nominations:

Have a peachy day! Love you guys!

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